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Item List

Coco Pine Cottage

Coco Pine Cottage is nestled among the Norfolk Pine and Coconut trees and is fully self-contained to cater for up to six guests. Coco Pine's bathroom is located outside of the cottage, a few steps away from the back door.

Coral Cove Cottage

Coral Cove Cottage is located on the northern part of the main beach close to the beautiful coral reefs and coral lagoon, which allows for beautiful coral viewing during low tide from this five-sleeper. Enjoy an easy stroll to get to the beautiful coral gardens behind the cottage in the coral lagoon.

Island View Bungalow

Island View Bungalow lies on the north western beach side catering for the more laid-back glamorous camping style, with shared bathroom facilities and a large outdoor kitchen. The central amenities building is only a short stroll away.

Ocean Breeze Bungalow

Ocean Breeze is an idyllic beach bungalow built on the north western beach of Pumpkin Island overlooking Yeppoon and North Keppel Island. Our relaxed glamping style beach bungalows offers panoramic reef and ocean views from the hammocks outside each bungalow's private deck.

Oyster Box Cottage

Oyster Box Cottage is situated on the main beach with a large deck and beautiful view of the mainland. This self-contained cottage sleeps up to six guests.

Pebble Point Cottage

Pebble Point, our luxury cottage, is located on the beautiful pebbled beach on the northern point of Pumpkin Island. It accommodates a maximum of four guests in two bedrooms, with a beautiful private deck and a solar powered Magnesium Mineral splash pool overlooking the rocks and Southern Great Barrier Reef for the ultimate in relaxation.
Enjoy a coffee from the solar powered Nespresso Vertuo Pod Machine (Remember to pack Vertuo pods).

Tropical Tides Cottage

Tropical Tides Cottage is located on the main beach in the centre of the island and close to the activities hut, overlooking the bay lights of Yeppoon and caters for up to five guests. Tropical Tide's bathroom is located outside of the cottage a few steps away from the front door.

Whole Island

Imagine having your very own private island to yourself...

Five stylish self catering cottages and two beautifully appointed beach bungalows, each accommodating 4-6 guests. Every cottage and bungalow has a special name and décor as well as a beautiful view of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. They are self-contained and eco-friendly, powered the sun, yet well appointed and charming, with large private decks offering front row seats to the magnificent sunsets.

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