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Please read these important booking conditions carefully.

For more information please contact us on +61 7 4939 4413 or

By making a booking with Pumpkin Island, guests warrant that they, including their group entirely, have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them and all other Terms and Conditions referred to in the Pumpkin Island brochures and website.

Guests acknowledge that these booking Terms and Conditions prevail and take precedence to the extent of any inconsistency between them and any other communication (oral or written) between Pumpkin Island and the guests.

Persons enter upon Pumpkin Island premises and make use of the facilities and activities available there at their own risk. All such persons agree to indemnify Sojourn Properties Pty Ltd & Ocean Tribe Pty Ltd and its officers and employees from all loss or damage which they might suffer or incur as a result of or incidental to you and persons for whom you are responsible entering upon Pumpkin Island premises and/or making use of the facilities and activities available there.

You enter upon the vessels at your own risk.

By entering this vessel, you agree to indemnify Sojourn Properties Pty Ltd & Ocean Tribe Pty Ltd and its officers and employees from all loss or damage which they might suffer or incur as a result of or incidental to you or persons for whom you are responsible entering this vessel.

Pumpkin Island, Sojourn Properties Pty Ltd, Ocean Tribe Pty Ltd and its employees shall not be liable for, and the guests releases each of them from, any claim arising from –

Any damages to, or loss of property or injury or death of persons occasioned directly or indirectly by an act or omission of Pumpkin Island or any other provider howsoever caused, including but not limited to, any damages, loss, injury or death caused or contributed to by any defect in any watercraft, or vehicle operated or provided by Pumpkin Island or any other provider.

Any loss or damage due to delay, cancellation or disruption howsoever caused, including but not limited to loss or damage caused by laws, regulations, acts or failure to act, demands, orders, interpositions of any government or agent thereof, acts of God, strikes, fire, flood, inclement weather, war, rebellion, terrorism, insurrection, sickness, quarantine, epidemics, theft, or any other cause in the nature of a force majeure.

Any loss of, damage to, or delay in receiving any guest’s baggage or personal effects during a journey, such items at all times being the sole responsibility of the guests, whether or not such a loss and damage was caused or contributed to by the negligence of Pumpkin Island or any other provider.

If there is a force majeure event which affects the guest’s booked accommodation and transport, then Pumpkin Island will notify the guests of its projected consequences and an estimate of the length of time over which it will prevail and may at its option offer the participant credit with Pumpkin Island which may be used within a 12 month period from the date of issue.

Unless specifically stated in the Pumpkin Island brochures, advertisements and website, all prices are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST but otherwise excludes any charges/taxes imposed by third parties.

Prices in any Pumpkin Island brochure should be used as a guide only and could vary depending upon season.

While we will do everything reasonably possible to maintain the listed prices, management reserves the right to levy a surcharge, notification of which will be given at the time of final invoicing.

Pricing is subject to change and availability may be limited during special events or peak periods.

Settling your account or cancelation fees by credit card incurs a transaction fee of 1.5% for VISA and MasterCard. Other credit cards may incur a higher transaction fee. Payment by cash or direct deposit does not attract a transaction fee.

Travel insurance is highly recommended and advised for all travellers.

Accommodation is subject to availability.

Any information or advice given by Pumpkin Island regarding weather, food, clothing, luggage, etc. is purely advisory and is provided as a courtesy to the guests. Pumpkin Island is not responsible for any errors or omissions as to the information provided.

Arrival/departure details must be supplied to Pumpkin Island management no later than 14 days prior to arrival.

Pumpkin Island may, at its option, cancel any booking in relation to which a final payment has not been made within 30 days of arrival. If so, the cancellation fees specified will be payable by the guests as if the guests had cancelled the booking.

All cancellation notices must be sent to Pumpkin Island in writing
( and will become effective as at the date of receipt by Pumpkin Island.

There will be no refund of your deposit or final payment in the event of a cancellation or a change of dates.

If access to the island has been blocked due to a cyclone then the monies forfeited may be used towards another booking with Pumpkin Island, if used within 12 months from the date of cancellation of the original booking.

Guests will be charged at the going rate on final booking.

Pumpkin Island is not responsible for any disruption that may be caused to your personal travel plans prior to your arrival at our Departure Port or after your return from the island to our Departure Port on the mainland (i.e. ongoing flight connections etc).

31 days or more prior to arrival – forfeit deposit of 25%.
30 days or less prior to arrival – the accommodation rate for cancelled nights and any transfers shall be forfeited.

You must make a deposit payment for accommodation booked on the site at the time of booking and you agree to make payment via a debit to your nominated credit card. The amount debited will (subject to the following) be the amount shown on our booking page prior to you clicking the "Pay Now" button on that page. The booking will be in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated, therefore depending on your credit card's currency and the country in which your card was issued, your credit card provider may impose foreign exchange fees and other fees which are in accordance with your arrangements with that credit card provider.

A non-refundable booking fee of 1.5% applies to each booking made by credit card. (Additional fees for some credit cards may apply).


A minimum stay of 3 consecutive nights for Pumpkin Island, is applicable to ensure you enjoy all Pumpkin Island has to offer.

Prices and Conditions
Any quotes given (verbal or written) are valid for a period of 30 days.

Deposits and Final Payments
A deposit of 25% of total accommodation price is required to confirm your booking. Payment can be made by credit card or direct deposit. A deposit holds services but does not guarantee prices. Deposits not received on day of booking will result in automatic cancellation.

Final Payment
Full payment of your holiday cost must be made no later than 30 days prior to arrival. With bookings made 30 days or less prior to arrival date, full payment of holiday cost must be made within 24 hours of confirmation of your booking.

Only upon payment of the full cost of your holiday do you have a final booking with Pumpkin Island.

Security & Cleaning Deposit
Upon booking a security deposit of $250 per cottage/bungalow booking is required. Although we expect to do a thorough cleaning of the accommodation, additional cleaning charges will apply to anything required over and above the usual cleaning and deducted from your security deposit. Any damages to the property, watersports equipment including tinnies & see through kayak for hire, plants or furnishings will incur additional charges according to the value of the damages or replacement value and invoiced to the main guest responsible for the booking if exceeding the security deposit. Security deposits will be refunded up to 7 business days after guests have departed and banking details have been received.

Cancellations and Refunds
There will be no refund of your deposit or final payment in the event of a cancellation or a change of dates.
If access to the island has been blocked due to a cyclone then the monies forfeited may be used towards another booking with Pumpkin Island, if used within 12 months from the date of cancellation of the original booking.

Guests will be charged at the going rate on final booking.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Wayne & Laureth at

To assist in maintaining the pristine environment of Pumpkin Island there are no jetty facilities. Transfers ashore may be undertaken by way of our transfer vessel and may require guests to get their feet wet.

Transfer times are subject to tide and weather conditions and may vary accordingly. In rare instances of extreme weather conditions, access to Pumpkin Island may be restricted and so may reserve the right to suspend or postpone the launch to Pumpkin Island due to safety considerations.

Pumpkin Island will not be held liable for extra costs incurred should accommodation be required on the mainland due to a crossings being cancelled in the event of bad weather.

We reserve the right to change information displayed on our website (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice to you.

Rates and Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior warning.

Water Sport Equipment
The water sports equipment at the Activities Hut is free to use for all guests. We do however request the equipment be returned straight after use to the allocated area in the shade surrounding the Activities Hut and above the high tide mark. Any damages or loss of or to the equipment will be covered by the guests at market value. Pumpkin Island assumes no responsibility for use and request life-jackets be worn at all times. Children are to be supervised by their parents or legal guardians at all times.

In the event of medical attention being required by a guest, due to the remote location of Pumpkin Island this could be delayed and Pumpkin Island is to be released from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid, treatment or any other services being rendered.

Sunset Lounge
The sunset lounge building is an area for guests to congregate, read books, relax or play games. NO FOOD OR BYO DRINKS are to be consumed in this building at any time. Should food or BYO drinks be consumed a venue fee will be charged.
A venue fee of $2,000 is required by prior arrangement for weddings, functions or group celebrations.

In the event of cyclonic weather forcing evacuation, Pumpkin Island will not be liable for any costs incurred in the evacuation process, but will assume responsibility for our guests and arrange for evacuation to take place.

General Conduct
The following island rules have been prepared to ensure that all guests and their visitors enjoy the ambiance of our island and experience an enjoyable and memorable stay. Obeying of the Island Rules and consideration and tolerance of others will help create the atmosphere we aim to achieve.

Please report any problems promptly so that they can be rectified.
Parents are asked to take responsibility for the welfare and behaviour of their children.

Right of Entry
Pumpkin Island is a private enterprise and its management reserves the right to refuse entry or accommodation to any person without having to state any reason whatsoever.

No day visitors are allowed on the island. Day visitors may be allowed in exceptional circumstances where a wedding is taking place on island with prior arrangement with management. A daily charge will be applicable for extra guests. Please contact management should you have any questions.

Pumpkin Island is a family friendly island and clothes are to be worn at all times. Naturalism or nudism is not allowed.

Guests wanting to spearfish may do so away from the island, its swimming beaches and coral lagoon, for safety reasons. Spearfishing is always better in deeper water and not where our resident tropical fish live, and snorkelling takes place.

There are no restrictions to fishing from Pumpkin Island, we do however ask guests to be mindful of fishing near bathers due to safety reasons. We also ask that any fish or squid caught, shot or speared not be cleaned on the main beach facing Yeppoon or near bathers. Please be mindful of the GBRMPA zoning around neighbouring islands/waters and also QLD Fisheries size and bag limits.

Fines will apply for keeping undersized fish.

No Party & Excessive Noise
We wish to ensure the enjoyment of Pumpkin by all our guests, therefore loud noise at anytime is discouraged. Guests are asked to restrict noise after 8:00 p.m. and to cease all noise after 10:00 p.m. Undue noise or other objectionable behaviour, is grounds for eviction from the Island without refund. Our intent, as a family friendly eco retreat, is for all our guests to enjoy the comfort and facilities Pumpkin Island offers.

We do not allow bucks nights/bachelor parties, schoolies, nudity or any disorderly behaviour on Pumpkin Island.

Management may evict (a) guest(s) without warning and refund, should conditions warrant. Our “No Party & No Excessive Noise” policy, which applies to all guests and agreed to in our Terms & Conditions upon booking, will be strictly enforced.

Alcohol and Drugs
Consumption of alcohol by persons under 18 years is strictly prohibited. Proof of age must be provided on request. Any person found to be intoxicated and causing undue noise or displaying objectionable behaviour/nuisance, will be evicted without refund. Usage of illegal drugs will also result in instant eviction without refund and the matter will be referred to the local authorities.

Private Boats
Observe the Maritime Safety QLD laws and speed limits as restricted to 6 knots when in close proximity to the island or swimmers.
Pumpkin Island has limited registered moorings and assume no responsibility/liability should guests use these moorings. Please check with management before using any of the moorings.

Beaches & Palm Trees
No glass is to be taken onto any of the beach areas as this could become a safety hazard. We also ask all guests to be careful of the coconuts on the palm trees. They can potentially be very dangerous when they fall, yet quite tasty. Please walk around the palm trees and not underneath them for safety reasons.

The Use and Operation of Communal Facilities
The Sunset Lounge Building is open 24 hours a day. Guests are asked to keep the facilities clean and tidy and report any misuse or defects to the management immediately. No smoking is allowed in any building.

Work Shed
Please note that the work shed and the area surrounding the work shed is a staff only area and no unauthorised access is allowed.
This area is completely out of bounds to all guests. 

Emergency Procedures
In case of an Island Emergency or evacuation, we ask guests to gather at the Sunset Lounge Building if safe to do so. If this building is not safe, please gather on the main (western) beach facing Yeppoon.

Reception Hours
The Managers office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office hours DO NOT apply to life threatening emergencies, please notify Management immediately 24/7.

Pets are not allowed on the island.

All rubbish is to be bagged and properly disposed of in garbage bins.
Littering and rubbish scattered around the island will not be tolerated. Please place all rubbish in the bins provided.
We request your cottage is left in a clean, tidy and respectable state upon departure.

Fires can only be lit in the designated fire pit with consent from Management. No fires shall be lit elsewhere on the island. Fire wood brought onto the island must be free from white ants/termites or other pests or disease. Fires will not be left unattended and are to be extinguished before retirement. Fire bans or restrictions are to be observed.

Any dispute not able to be resolved amicably between guests, are to be referred to management who will try
to mediate between the parties. Any dispute with Island staff or employees is to be referred to the Island Management.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia. All references to "we", "our",
"us" and “Pumpkin Island” are references to Sojourn Properties Pty Ltd & Ocean Tribe Pty Ltd, trading as Pumpkin Island and the island transfer vessels.

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