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pumpkin island southern great barrier reef


Keppel Islands woppaburra

Situated halfway between Brisbane and Townsville and 14 kilometres off the coast of Yeppoon lands you on picturesque Pumpkin Island. Nestled in sheltered Keppel Bay and surrounded by the Keppel Islands, the 6 hectare private island is a proud piece of the Southern Great Barrier Reef Marine Reserve.

Arrive at Pumpkin courtesy of the Pumpkin Xpress or make your entrance via helicopter and take in the stunning views of reef-lined waters and gorgeous islands along the way.

The closest airport is the Rockhampton Airport, a 45 minute car drive away from Yeppoon.

The Island

getting here


Hop aboard the Pumpkin Xpress - our very own ferry service, which departs from Yeppoon's Keppel Bay Marina and ferries you over to the island in around 30 minutes.

Adults travel at $50 and children at $40 each way. For pricing and detailed departure/arrival times, please refer to our transfer schedule as access to the island is restricted due to tidal conditions.


Cruise over in your yacht or boat to Pumpkin. We have a mooring available for guest use.

Find us at 23° 5’ 30” S & 150° 54’ 4” E


Prefer the view from above? Take a breath-taking helicopter ride over the Keppel Islands and land on Pumpkin in style.

Pumpkin Island Transfers
Getting Here

Ferry Schedule

Please check departure times of boat to and from island before booking flights. If your booking falls outside of a scheduled departure day please contact the island staff to confirm arrival and departure times.

Transfer Schedule
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