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pumpkin island sustainability


environmental stewardship

Pumpkin Island’s management is committed to reducing the impact of its activities, services and products by reducing the carbon footprint of the island as well as offsetting its carbon emissions to become a beyond carbon neutral destination.

Proudly we have attained Australia’s highest ecotourism certification and long term operational permits granted by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in recognition of our commitment to environmental sustainability and best practice.

Everything that we do is in full commitment to protecting, nurturing and maintaining the critical balance between the resort and the diverse eco-system of Pumpkin Island and its surrounding waters. 


Part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint is through the use of solar power. Each dwelling is powered by solar panels which runs the water pump, fans, lights and fridge. We are proud of the clean, quiet power provided by nature.

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Pumpkin Island Sustainability Eco

Water is a precious resource on the island. We utilise rainwater across Pumpkin Island - fresh is always best. Each of the cottages have a ceramic bench-top filter that allows pure filtered rainwater for drinking. We also encourage guests to bring refillable water bottles to help reduce plastic waste.

waste, recycling & cleaning

We have waste & recycling facilities in each cottage and across the island for guests to use. We also require guests to take their rubbish with them at the end of their stay and to dispose of correctly.

Special environmental measures are incorporated into our daily operations to protect and nurture the reef’s health. Biodegradable cleaning products are used and organic certified guest amenities manufactured in Byron Bay, Australia.

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our commitment

The staff and management of Pumpkin Island are fully committed to operate as sustainable an operation as possible, saving and improving usage of water, power, fuel and emissions and thus minimising their environmental footprint. Pumpkin Island was awarded the Advance Eco Tourism certification in November 2009 and have been accessed and certified by EarthCheck in February 2011. Pumpkin Island was certified as a Climate Action Leader in March 2011.

In all ways, Pumpkin Island endeavours to maximise the positive social and environmental impacts of its operations and to minimise the negative social and environmental impacts.

Pumpkin Island strives to promote meaningful responsible travel to a pristine natural area which conserves the environment and its resources and improves the welfare of its visitors by being in close contact with nature.

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