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Enjoy the crisp  waters off the shores of Pumpkin Island. A safe, sandy beach on the western side of the island is perfect for swimming with crystal clear waters and safe for everyone to enjoy.

pumpkin island swimming
pumpkin island snorkelling

The island affords great off-beach snorkelling given the gently sloping beach bottom, clear water and abundance of colourful fish, sea creatures, and plant-life close to the beach; also perfect for inexperienced or young snorkellers.


Paddle around the island and view exquisite coral with our kayaks. There’s so much beauty around the island to discover!

pumpkin island kayak
stand up paddleboard great barrier reef

Stand, kneel or sit while you paddle on the waters with on of our SUPs (stand-up paddleboards). A relaxing and fun way to get around on the water.


Swim or paddle your way out to our pontoon and relax in the middle of nature, surrounded by nothing but water.

great barrier reef pontoon
Kite Surfing wind Surfing
wind & kitesurfing

Windsurfing and kitesurfing can be done from the main beach area on the western side of the island. You would need to bring your own equipment.

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