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XXXX Gold Statement - additional detail around the XXXX Island concept

Published on March 20, 2012 12:06

Download full statement here

Following last Thursday’s announcement that XXXX GOLD has acquired an island for its drinkers, we wanted to provide you with some more detail around the XXXX Island concept and how we’ll be creating the ultimate destination for mates’ trips away.

Life on XXXX Island will not include activities that might harm marine life or the environment on or around the island, such as powered jet skiing. For us, XXXX Island is very much about what we at XXXX GOLD term the ‘good life’ – a relaxed few days with your mates where you can do as little or us much as you want. Perhaps a bit of fishing as long as the fish are biting, a game of beach cricket or touch footy and sharing a yarn with your mates as you fire up the BBQ.

Responsible consumption
We will have clear policies in place involving responsible consumption and service of alcohol, which anyone who works or stays on XXXX Island will need to adhere to. All XXXX Island staff will be trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), and we’ll be applying all of the same rules and guidelines as would any licensed venue.  We will have all appropriate measures in place to ensure alcohol is served and consumed responsibly on the island, including defined opening hours for the bar that align with what they would be for most pubs on the mainland.

XXXX GOLD – a mid-strength beer – will be the only alcohol served on the island, along with water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Protecting the environment
We are developing clear policies to protect the integrity of the island, as this has been and will continue to be an essential part of the XXXX Island campaign. No more than 28 guests will be staying on the island at any one time, and there will be less guests annually than number currently visiting, helping to ensure the natural environment on the island and the surrounding areas is respected and environmental damage is minimised.

We will ensure that all construction complies with council, government and town planning regulations. Additionally, we will be working with the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), as well as the local community, to ensure we protect and showcase the island to the best of our ability.

We think it’s safe to say XXXX Island is almost perfect, we just might build or bring a few things to the island to make it even better. When we say build, it could merely mean creating a fantastic communal BBQ area to complement what is already in existence on the island.

Safety of our guests
All appropriate measures will be in place to ensure the safety of our guests.  As visitors will be in and around the ocean, there will be key periods where a trained life guard is present. 

We’ll have a first aid officer on site at all times who, in the event of any injury, can assess and treat people on site and then make a determination as to whether they need further treatment elsewhere, as would occur on any of the islands in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.


A ‘mates’ trip’ away

Whilst we do expect that XXXX Island will have great appeal to our XXXX GOLD consumers, the majority of which are men, by no means is XXXX Island just for men. It’s the perfect place for mates’ trips away – for males and females – over the age of 18.


Getting to XXXX Island

Many have asked the question around how exactly XXXX GOLD consumers will find themselves on XXXX Island. Over the next few months (and next few years), there will be plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy XXXX GOLD to have the chance to win a trip to XXXX Island and experience the good life with their mates. 


Our consumers should keep an eye out in pubs and bottle shops that stock XXXX GOLD as there’ll be loads of promotions that will run at different times of the year, however, currently the best way to get to XXXX Island is to earn it.


We’re currently looking for ideas of what our consumers would like to see on the island. Some of the ideas that have come through include a one-hole golf course, solar powered eskies, a beach cricket pitch at low tide and more. Primarily ideas that will enhance the island experience, but not necessarily require a large amount of added infrastructure.


On the whole, it is our objective to ensure that XXXX Island stays true to its conceived intention – to afford those who enjoy XXXX GOLD the opportunity to kick back and relax for a weekend with their mates and enjoy a bit of the ‘good life’ – while maintaining the natural existence and environmental integrity at the heart of what the island has come to represent. Lion has made a promise to return the island to Wayne and Laureth in the same –if not better – condition to what has been presented to us, and we intend to keep that promise.




Jon Bradshaw

Brands Director



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Our booking calendars will re-open in early 2015. We will be sure to contact all our guests prior to...
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Download full statement here Following last Thursday’s announcement that XXXX GOLD has acquir...
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