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An isle called Pumpkin...

Alluring solitude, 360 degree views, bare beaches and an element of fantasy. Pumpkin Island is an untouched tropical holiday getaway for the family and the romantics, providing guests with the opportunity to escape to a tropical haven to relax and unwind. 

The Island is situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Reserve and is home to just five self contained eco-friendly beach cottages, so you can be assured of privacy and relaxation...


Environmental initiatives...


The staff and management of Pumpkin Island are fully committed to operate as green an operation as possible, saving water, power and emissions and thus minimising their ecological footprint. Pumpkin Island was awarded the Advance Eco Tourism certification in November 2009.

Energy Management: The Island is off the grid and functions completely with only natural energy of sun and wind. Solar reflective paint have been used on all cottages’ roofs, ensuring cooler spaces during tropical summer months, ensuring energy savings, when ceiling fans are used less often as a result. Since the introduction of 12V fluorescent and LED lighting there has been a substantial reduction in power consumption. However our aim is for the island to run solely off LED lighting. We found that LED lighting has a 240% energy saving compared to fluorescent lights.
The solar powered swimming pool pump runs for an hour a day regulated by a timer to save energy.
Solar hot water have been installed in one of the cottages so far, and are part of the goals for all the other cottages too.
Water: The water supply at Pumpkin Island is pure rain water, filtered and drinkable. No chlorine is used. The installation of low flow taps and aerated tap filters in all guest and staff accommodation has reduced the daily water consumption.
Waste Management: Pumpkin Island has its own septic tank system for each cottage which is fed by natural enzymes.
Guests are encouraged to take their rubbish with them on departure from the island, with recyclable and general waste bins provided upon arrival at the marina on the mainland. Staff recycles and minimise general waste as much as possible.
Chemical Use: Only environmentally friendly, phosphate free, cleaning products are used.
Local Community: Pumpkin Island strives to contribute to the local community in a loving and giving manner, by purchasing and supporting local businesses, tradesmen and services as much as possible ensuring that eco tourism benefits the whole community.
“Carbon Neutral”: Pumpkin Island uses a carbon calculator to determine the total amount of carbon dioxide released yearly into the atmosphere due to activities on the island, in order to calculate the amount of trees that should be planted to be “Carbon Neutral” The staff plants double for good measure.
Land Management and Conservation: Pumpkin Island understands the necessity of maintaining and upgrading current conservation standards. When landscaping is undertaken around the island, only naturally occurring native plant species are used. This serves to provide food for birds and other wildlife; attract butterflies; re-establish rare and/or endangered species; and illustrate the benefits of natural vegetation to guests Any development initiated by the island involves minimal clearing of native vegetation. Trails are kept to a minimum around the island.
Continued monitoring of all island property to ensure any problem areas are identified early and rectified using the most suitable methods. Replacement of any non-native plants are part of the ongoing landscape maintenance. Implementation of weed identification and control systems Monitoring of island to identify any new erosion problems and take appropriate action to rectify these problems. A hydroponics vegetable, fruit & herb garden has been established on the island to supplement food supply.
Environmental Education: Guests are provided with informative materials on arrival to their rooms and a quick explanation of island’s energy, water and delicate surrounding reefs by staff. The education process continues throughout their stay on the island through various signs. Pumpkin Island strives to inform guests, staff, suppliers and contractors about all the various measures undertaken to reduce impacts, minimise energy and resource use, and reduce wastes in the day-to-day operation of the island.

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  Current Weather

Weather Report - Conditions for Yeppoon, AS at 12:59 pm AEST
Currently 26°C
High 24°C
Low 21°C

2 Day Forecast
Thu Thundershowers
High: 24°C Low: 21°C
Fri Showers
High: 26°C Low: 21°C
More Current Condition Details
High 24°C
Low 21°C
Wind Chill 26°C
Wind Speed 12.87 km/h
Wind Direction 100
Sunrise 6:12 am
Sunset 5:32 pm
Latitude -23.13
Longitude 150.73

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Pumpkin Island, Yeppoon, QLD Australia
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